Ashes of Affliction

by Last Breath Ashore

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released December 29, 2010

Thomas Schultz - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Yousif Del Valle - Drums
Ryan Korolchuk - Bass, Vocals
Chris Ott - Guitars




Last Breath Ashore St Paul, Minnesota

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Track Name: Capsize
Cannot escape misery

As if it lies before me

Take away love, keep a shred of dignity

Or rot in your eternity


*Life keeps on going

Time aligns

I will go on- Decide

Time remains, behind...

Waves wash ashore

To capsize overboard

Bring in the tide...
Track Name: Null and Void
Had I not just walked in the door I'd already be gone

And this door it only swings one way

Had I not just walked in the door I'd already be gone

And this door it only swings one way

Squalor, sacrifice, become a passerby

Lifeless, in my eye, always a step behind

Go on, patronize, bleed me, you parasite

*Caught up in the end,

One step behind

Faltering down

Let go, nullify, never sympathize

Over, analyze, no reason, justified

Go on, gratify your reason,

To live a lie
Track Name: Last Regard
Wish for your falling, to aggravate

How you've been crawling...

Reclaim, misfortune, through your regret

Reclaim, as I protest

*Between what you believe, or what's forced

Inside, your feeble mind, find remorse

(Influenced innocence)

Perceive what you believe or conform

I can't believe that we've come this far...

No remorse in the midst, of slowly draining my wrist

And so I leave you my last regard
Track Name: Parasol
Buckled in, providing sense of safety with no guarantee

Call it what you will, I've had enough

Relentlessly condescending

At least this comforts turned to rust

I can't disagree

All of this fighting is crowding away my faith in stability

Perception isn't a right

Your mind is in control

You choose to test the waters,

and drown within your soul

You sin within the silence

It catches up in time

Sincerely fuck your values

I hope they suck you dry

(suck you dry)

*No parasol, to shade, out in the sun, you'll fade

Fade in the sun, with no parasol...

This disappointment flag,

I waive it in the air

Ashamed of why it flies

And why it's even there

(It's even there)
Track Name: Dry
Take, it...

Take it out on me, I imply, this is loveless

Bleed it dry

Cannot sleep where you lie

Moving forward

Bleed it dry

Hesitate, separate, DISSIPATE

Follow, hollow, wallow

*No piece of, this bleak love

No piece of -Hollow

You never walked away,

you never learned to stay

you never wrote this down

No piece of, this bleak love

No piece of -Hollow

Squandered away, Indulge in this

Wasted pleasure

Lost in the wake

Reckless pleasure, This is loveless

Squandered away

This is loveless
Track Name: Beyond the Shore
Why have you betrayed me?

Salvation, creation, the grave of misconception. Duration, starvation, inhale the vital life force

Devotion, destruction, remorse dissolves to salt

Erosion, obstruction, the knot of fear is wrung

Betray, the faceless. Your mercy strains our cause

Obey, this ocean, the waves will feed your loss

Delay, the riptide. Forget the once forsaken

Drown, your haven and let the water win...

*The tide breaks in, your last breath

Your essence rots beneath the dock

Dark waters fill your veins. Life sinks beyond the shore

The anchor drops on your shame

The blood turns red with laughter

The ray of light, soon turns to darkness

The fluid mutes your screams

No end to desperation, the abyss will not end

No rope to pull you out, the vortex will suck you in

*Debris of memories on the sand, the current drags away your thoughts

To float is just a reverie. Life sinks beyond the shore...

*Break the sun, with your weakness, Bring the night to the deep

Confusion, illusion, the past controls your essence,

Negating the truth, the farce of air grows stronger

Frustration, HATE, your future's laid to rest

Behold the sunset and feel the darkness spread
Track Name: Black and White Lies
(Scorned) Can't commend as you withdrew

Just as always misconstrued

Caught within a web of lies

Hope the spider sees you though

Black and white-lies

*Put honesty on trial

Twist and contort the truth

So sweet of you to break your promise

Not offering to pay what's due